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Niseko, Always in Season

No matter what season it is in Niseko, it has always something to offer. Niseko has everything you are looking for. It is famous for its skiing activities during winter. And in summer there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can try. From green landscapes, great outdoors, and recreational activities for the family such as water activities and mountain trekking. Niseko offers adventure for all seasons!

Summer Recreational Activities for the Family

Green season as it is called, the summer in Niseko is so lovely as the scenery of green landscapes slowly goes back to life. Summer in Niseko is perfect with any sort of outdoor activities because of its vast clear skies and not so humid weather.

The village offers horseback riding for newbies and experienced riders. A professional trainer is present as a guide and available for those who want to take the horseback riding lessons.

Visitors must also try the local food of the town. Everyone who visits Niseko must try its seasonal vegetables and seafood! Tasting and enjoying the different styles of barbeque of Hokkaido is a must.

Niseko Village has an activity center that showcases the adventures the town has to offer.

Summer Outdoor Sports

Golf is the main sport during the summer in Niseko. The weather is perfect to enjoy playing the game while breathing the fresh clean air. This attracts golfers from different places to visit Niseko. The golf courses here are not comparable to those of neighboring Southeast Asian countries. Compared to other typical golf courses, Niseko golf courses are surrounded by birch trees and bushes. Mount Yotei’s silhouette is also visible from the field making the place more ideal for golfers.

Another sport in Niseko that is rising is biking. With vast options for road and mountain cycling, the weather is perfect resulting in an increasing number of cyclists each year. The view from the mountain tops is breathtaking. To reach these types of destinations, the activity centers of Niseko can provide tour guides. But if your squad is seeking adventure, you can avail a map from the adventure center with marked routes for biking and discover the mountains of Niseko on your own.

Winter in Niseko

Voted as the best winter holiday destination, the booming industry of skiing in Niseko continues to skyrocket. The town is perfect for a family ski holiday that can be enjoyed for the entire winter season.

There are endless possibilities of what to do in Niseko during the winter season. But if you are a beginner or you want to save a dime, we recommend visiting Niseko after its peak season. The reason behind is the accommodation and activities are cheaper while still having the same amount of fun as it is in the peak season.

Here in Niseko, you can find japow – a perfect texture of ultra-dry fluffy snow that is only seen in Northern Japan. This blankets Hokkaido for almost half a year. The tourism industry of Hokkaido, Niseko continues booming as skiing explodes. “When it comes to skiing, the world is different in Japan,” The Financial Times reported.

Niseko for the Holidays

Niseko is a real-life winter wonderland every December. It is the ultimate year-end holiday destination for wanderers. The possibilities of how you and your family going to celebrate the Yuletide season are unlimited. Christmas holidays in Niseko appear instantly familiar to tourists due to the adaptation of international elements. However, it is still distinctly Japanese with its local traditions that have remained through the years. There are fireworks for the children that light up the Christmas Eve from 8 pm to 9 pm.

Japan is also a wonderful place to celebrate the New Year. The Japanese celebrate Shougatsu – an annual party where the family members get together as a whole. They spend the time having fun as they cherish their reunion. This event is much anticipated as local traditions take the center stage. The first day of the year is welcomed by the local resorts and hotels by holding Kagami-Biraki, a tradition that breaks open a wooden sake cask.

Celebrate the Holidays with your family the Niseko way

One activity that is a must during the holidays is rice cake making or Mochi. This old-fashioned New Year celebration in Niseko is considered by the locals an essential part of the tradition. At the end of the tiring day, visitors can seek retreat for the night at Snow Dog Village. Snow Dog is a premium apartment for visitors and investors looking for a quality yet affordable place in the natural wonderland of Niseko.

In conclusion, Niseko is truly a place that is always in season. The summer weather can offer recreational activities and outdoor sports such as golfing, cycling, horseback riding, taste the local food, and you must try the adventure prepared by the activity center!

If you’re visiting Niseko in winter, trying to ski is a must while enjoying the fluffy japow that is only found in Northern Japan. Niseko is also perfect for the holidays as your family celebrates the Yuletide season and welcome the New Year with a Japanese twist.

Tourism in Niseko is a booming industry that attracts more tourists each year. This is a good opportunity for investors as starting prices are below market value for prime Japanese real estate.

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