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Spring Blossoms, Summer Breezes, and Autumn Leaves: Embracing Hokkaido's Seasonal Wonders! - By Jo Lodder:

Flower fields in Hokkaido Japan
Hokkaido's Blooming Paradise

Exploring Hokkaido Beyond Snow Season:

Nestled in the northernmost region of Japan, Hokkaido is a haven of natural beauty and cultural charm year-round. As spring blooms and summer approaches, Hokkaido's landscapes burst into vibrant hues of green, dotted with colourful wildflowers and lush forests. The air is crisp and clean, offering a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its perfect temperatures and friendly locals, Hokkaido beckons travellers to explore its stunning scenery, from majestic mountains to pristine lakeshores. And amidst it all lies Niseko, a hidden gem known for its warm hospitality, tranquil atmosphere, and abundance of outdoor activities. Whether you are seeking adventure or relaxation, Hokkaido has something to offer every traveller, making it the ideal destination for your next getaway.

Spring in Niseko:

Cherry Blossom Viewing: Experience the beauty of Japan's iconic cherry blossoms in Niseko's tranquil parks and gardens.

Cherry Blossom blooming over Lake Toya, Hokkaido
Cherry Blossom Blooming with Lake Toya as a backdrop

Hiking and Nature Trails: Lace up your hiking boots and explore the lush forests and rolling hills surrounding Niseko. Do not forget to bring your furry friend along for a scenic stroll!

Hiking with their dog from SnowDog Village, Niseko
Hiking along endless wooded trails

Hot Air Balloon Rides: Soar above the breathtaking landscapes of Niseko and enjoy panoramic views of Mount Yotei and the surrounding countryside.

Hot Air Ballooning above the Hokkaido Countryside
Hot Air Balloonsoars above the breathtaking landscape of Hokkaido

Farmers' Markets: Sample fresh local produce and artisanal goods at Niseko's vibrant farmers' markets, where you can also pick up handmade crafts and souvenirs.

Homemade cheeses and milk products at Milk Kobo just a few minutes from SnowDog Village
Milk Kobo's famous milk products

Bike Tours: Rent a bike and pedal your way through Niseko's picturesque countryside, stopping to admire the stunning scenery and charming villages along the way.

Biking through Niseko's countryside with Mount Yotei in the background - stay at SnowDog Village
Cycling through Niseko's countryside with Mount Yotei as a backdrop

Cultural Workshops: Immerse yourself in Japanese culture with traditional tea ceremonies, sake tastings, and pottery classes offered throughout Niseko.

Enjoy a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony
Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Summer in Niseko

Water Activities: Cool off from the summer heat with a variety of water sports, including stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and rafting on the Shiribetsu River.

Hokkaido Canoeing, Kayaking and rafting on the Shiribetsu River
Kayaking along the rivers of Hokkaido

Golfing: Tee off at one of Niseko's world-class golf courses, surrounded by lush green fairways and stunning mountain views.

Niseko has some amazing Golf Courses just a few minutes from  our JNW Properties
Tee off at one of Niseko's picturesque Golf courses

Scenic Drives: Take a leisurely drive along the scenic byways of Niseko, stopping to admire waterfalls, lakes, and panoramic vistas along the way.

Explore Hokkaido with your car
Amazing views along the roads in Hokkaido

Camping and Picnicking: Spend a night under the stars at one of Niseko's picturesque campgrounds, or enjoy a picnic in one of the region's scenic parks.

Camping in Hokaido
Camping by one of Hokkaido's many beautiful lakes

Summer Festivals: Experience the excitement of Niseko's vibrant summer festivals, featuring traditional music, dance, food, and fireworks.

Summer festival in Niseko
Vibrant Festivals in Niseko

Dog-Friendly Accommodation: Don't leave your furry friend behind! Stay at SnowDog Village, a dog-friendly hotel in Niseko, where your canine companion is welcome to join you on your adventures.

An excited puppy running in the SnowDog Village garden
At SnowDog Village, even your furry family members get to enjoy a holiday!

Autumn in Niseko:

Leaf Peeping: Marvel at the breathtaking autumn foliage as the mountainside transforms into a kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and golds.

The Niseko mountainside transforms into a kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and golds.
Fishing in the autumn foliage

Onsen Hopping: Relax and rejuvenate in Niseko's soothing hot springs, surrounded by the stunning colours of fall foliage.

A lady relaxing in the Hilton Onsen with Mount Yotei as a view
The Hilton Onsen - washing your troubles away!

Mushroom Foraging: Join a guided mushroom foraging tour and learn about the region's diverse fungi while hunting for edible treasures in the forest.

Foraging for mushrooms in Hokkaido
Mushroom Foraging

Apple Picking: Visit a local orchard and pick your own apples, then indulge in delicious homemade apple pies and cider.

Two children pick apples in Hokkaido
Visiting a local orchard to pick fresh apples

Art and Craft Fairs: Discover unique handmade treasures at Niseko's autumn art and craft fairs, featuring local artisans and their exquisite creations.

Carving wood in the traditional Ainu method
Learning traditional Ainu craft of Nibutani Ita

Cooking Classes: Learn to prepare traditional Japanese dishes using seasonal ingredients harvested from Niseko's bountiful countryside.

Learning to make soba noodles in Niseko
Learning to make Soba Noodles

Whether you are seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply a relaxing getaway surrounded by natural beauty, Niseko offers something for everyone to enjoy throughout the seasons. Do not forget to pack your sense of adventure – and your furry friend – and get ready to make unforgettable memories in this captivating corner of Hokkaido!

Gorgeous Hokkaido Flowers
Hokkaido flowers are incredibly breathtaking in summer

For more tips on travelling with your dog to SnowDog Village, check out our upcoming blog post on how to fly your furry friend to Japan and make the most of your stay at our dog-friendly hotel. Stay tuned for more adventures!

Watch this video of dogs staying at SnowDog Village and see how much fun they have along with their humans!


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