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Places we know and love

We like to offer real estate in places we understand through long experience of them. That way we can show you the most beautiful locations and the best ways to make the most of them. We’ve done our job if you come to love these places as we do.


Buddhist monks with red umbrellas living in both Thailand and Japan

Living and travelling in Asia

After many years of living and travelling in Asia, we have come to know many of its most desirable places. So desirable that we have made them home, in some cases. Now we’d like to share these places with discerning investors wanting to be part of the growing market for lifestyle properties.


Equally, if you already have a property – or even just a valuable plot – in these places and need help realising your vision, we’d love to talk. Let our experts bring their decades of experience to bear, to polish your asset, increase its marketability and ultimately, raise its value and capacity to deliver returns.

Living andntravlling in Asia
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Specialists in Asian resort property

Experts in luxury real estate for discerning investors, JNW Properties Asia is based in Hong Kong. As passionate skiers, we are long-time fans of Niseko so it was inevitable that we would found our business on what continues to be one of Asia’s most exciting resort property stories. From that beginning, we are building a portfolio of Asia’s favourite investment opportunities.

Specialists in Asian resort property
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Stories worth investing in

Creating experiences as enjoyable as they are rewarding

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Giving back

Helping to regenerate the wild

As master marketers with our partner developments, we strive to minimise our impact on the surrounding environment. We have to acknowledge that there are some effects we cannot avoid though and instead we must aim to mitigate those effects as much as possible.

Giving back - NGO
Planting new trees in Niseko, Japan helping to connect to Hokkaidoe's Ainu past to make the world a better place
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