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Japan to open gradually to international travellers as of June this year!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

The country’s notoriously strict travel rules have changed again – and tourists could soon be allowed in just in time for the summer travel season, Japan aims to reopen to international tourists in June. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made the announcement on May 5th while visiting London.

“We will further relax controls so that in June it will be possible to enter the country as smoothly as other G7 nations,” said Kishida.

What does that mean exactly, this means that your trip of a lifetime may be just a month away! And we are confident that your winter ski holiday in Niseko is pretty certain to take place so get ready to be back at your favourite ski destination to enjoy the champagne snow, and gorgeous food this 2022/23 season will have to offer.

So now Kishida has decided that the time is right for Japan to follow other countries in opening up, and is hoping that tourism will help buoy the weakened Japanese yen.

According to him, Japan’s entry requirements will be implemented in stages. The government will monitor the impact of Japan’s Golden Week holidays for two weeks before making a decision. The Japan Times also reported that the country may welcome small tour groups first before opening its doors for general tourism. As of now, no concrete details have been announced yet however we are moving in the right direction for a full opening up of international tourists to Japan and we at, JNW Properties, SnowDog Village and Raku Ichi Restaurant are super excited to start welcoming back guests from around the world.

For months now, Japan's tourism industry has been urging the government to ease i's border controls to let in more overseas travellers. Tourism has been a huge success story for a decade pre-covid as the number of foreign visitors increased fivefold.

By 2019 tourism contributed $359 billion USD to Japan's GDP, making it the world's third-largest tourism market behind the United States and China and the world's No 1 brand (the most popular country). Foreign visitors though have plummeted mostly due to Japan's strict pandemic border measures from 32 million in 2019 to just 250,000 last year (according to Japan National Tourism Organization) and the government is keen to get back to hitting its target of 60 million tourists by 2030.

Entry rules for Japan

Currently, you need to have proof of a positive Covid test taken 72 hours before departure, a signed copy of this form (promising to comply with local Covid rules), and a completed online questionnaire. Once at the airport in Japan, you need to take another PCR test and download a health monitoring app.

The quarantine rules are slightly complicated, too. Everyone has to take a PCR test before leaving for Japan, and it must come back negative. If you’ve had three jabs, you’ll have to isolate yourself at your accommodation for the first three days in the country, then take another test. If it’s negative, you’re all good; otherwise, you’ll have to stay there for another seven days. If you’re unvaccinated or have had fewer than three jabs, the rules are the same except you have to quarantine specifically in a hotel.

That's it we did say the rules are a little complicated!

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