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SnowDog Village, Niseko under new management and open for the 2020/21 winter ski season!

We are excited to start working with our new management - Vacation Niseko - with a proven track record with both domestic & international tourism in Niseko. We will be working closely as partners to reach our goal of achieving all-year-round occupancy for our boutique ski-in aparthotel - SnowDog Village, Niseko by co-ordinating jointly two marketing efforts to supplement & support each other.

After some hard work from our owner relations team, sales team and general management team, SnowDog Village is now ready to launch for sales this Winter, and we are all very excited to see how our guests enjoy this property in the future and how we can best serve our newest host of owners during these turbulent times:

Links to the points in the newsletter:

SnowDog Village Lettings Websites

  1. SnowDog Village

  2. Vacation Niseko

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