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See all Japan’s 47 areas in 125 seconds via this stunning tourism video by JNTO.

See Fukushima, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kyoto, Gunma, Yamanashi and more in this incredible new JNTO video

Check out the video here!

Missing travelling to Japan, I think we all - here is the next best thing, visit all 47 areas in just 125 seconds!!

There are some beautiful places to visit however for us Hokkaido is still our favourite place to visit for its beauty, charm and of course incredible food.

Hokkaido Food

Netflix visited our famous restaurant Raku Ichi Soba Niseko - check out the episode here 'Gourmet Stays' Episode 6 of the series "The Worlds Best Vacation Homes"

Here Luis Otez one of the presenters says that he has been to Tokyo and thought that the food was great there, however, Hokkaido has the best food in Japan - we agree however we may be biased!!

Check out the love from them and standing ovation after eating at Raku Ichi....Mmm, Whoa!!

To watch the whole series go to this Netflix link below

Beautiful Hokkaido

Lake Toya

Niseko - Mount Yotei

Shakotan Peninsula

For more information on what to do in Hokkaido & Niseko please visit our SnowDog Village, the Niseko website

Raku Ichi Soba Niseko

SnowDog Village, Niseko

JNW Properties Asia

JNW Properties are real estate experts based in Hong Kong. We are a marketing engine for our own personal projects in Asia.

Currently selling luxury chalets & apartments in Niseko, Japan and shortly we will have Koh Samui, Thailand to add to our growing developments & resort projects.

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