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Rusutsu, Niseko's Neighbour - Resort Profile

If you are planning where to spend your winter holiday ahead of time, we recommend you Rusutsu Resort as one of your options! Rusutsu is such a special winter destination.

Rusutsu is just near Mt. Yotei and is only 20 kilometers from Niseko. The Rusutsu ski resort is 75 kilometers southwest of Sapporo and 89 kilometers west of the New Chitose Airport.

Photo Credit: Rusutsu Resort (Official) James North Photography Via Facebook

There are lots of reasons why Rusutsu is such a great resort. One of them is its perfect powder snow. Every year, Rusutsu receives over 14 meters of super light powder snow. If you are a powder lover, then Rusutsu is the perfect place for you.

Regardless you are a professional skier or a beginner, Rusutsu Resort offers you long, wide, empty trails perfect for guests. Having three interconnected mountains, there are more than 30 exciting trails to choose from waiting for you to explore!

With dedicated international ski and snowboard instructors, guests will greatly improve while enjoying the snow with their loved ones. The Resort’s modern lift system ensures no time is wasted on the part of the guests, maximizing their stay on the most exciting and enjoying activities the Rusutsu Resort has to offer.


Experience the breath-taking view right from the summit of Mt. Isola. This is a brand new activity in the place and through riding a gondola lift, anyone can now access the mountain top without having an exhausting hike.

Photo Credit: Rusutsu Resort (Official) Via Facebook

At the summit, guests can get see the entire Hokkaido landscape. This includes Mt. Yotei, Lake Toya, Niseko, and the Pacific Ocean. This scenery allows tourists to capture amazing pictures and create unforgettable memories they have in the Mountains of Rusutsu.

Rusutsu Resort has two Terrain Parks, namely the Side Country Park and the Freedom Park. The Side Country Park regularly attracts professional athletes and world-renowned film crews. Covered by powder snow, it has a variety of natural wooden features. Side Country Park is designed from a beginner level up to a professional standard. The theme of the park brings a freestyle experience for skiers.

Photo Credit: Rusutsu Resort (Official) Boo Rabbitt Via Facebook

Better and bigger than ever, Freedom Park offers features that suit the needs among beginners, intermediates, and of course professionals! This park is designed to guarantee fun and excitement for all skiers. Items and obstacles promote progression and more color to your skiing experience.


Rusutsu offers a huge amount of exposure to know more about Japanese culture. German Oktoberfest, a restaurant at the Rusutsu Resort Hotel, features savory Japanese and Western buffet feasts for breakfast and dinner. In the same hotel, visitors have other choices to select from. There is an Italian restaurant, an izakaya, and other Japanese restaurants.

The Rusutsu Tower Hotel has further dining options. Indeed the town of Rusutsu has tons to offer.

Nearby Rusutsu Resort Hotel, there’s this restaurant named Restaurant East Village located in a small village. They are serving up reasonably simple fare such as crispy fried chicken and other delicious Japanese treats.

If you are already starving and do not want to go far from your hotel, then Lamp House is for you! Situated in the Travel Lodge, Lamp House is just opposite the Rusutsu Resort Hotel.

Talking about nightlife and bars, Rusutsu is not a party place, unlike Niseko. Rodeo Drive opens every four pm with happy hour and cheap drinks for two hours. Many of the hotel workers stay late for a quiet drink after a long tiring day.

Photo Credit: Rusutsu Resort Via Facebook

An upscale bar is also available in the Rusutsu Resort Hotel where you can perch for a sophisticated cocktail. However, there is a cover charge for guests to get in.

The main drinking hole in the Rusutsu Resort Hotel is the Cricket Bar. Foreign guests often visit this place to watch ski and snowboard movies. At times, they have live music such as jazz.

Photo Credit: Rusutsu Resort Via Facebook

Rusutsu has tons to offer to foreign guests and is just 25 minutes away from the town of Niseko. With its super light and perfect powder snow, Rusutsu is just a great place for skiers and travellers to explore. It is also perfect for site seeing and has a variety of restaurants and bars to end your tiring day.

If you are planning your vacation in the Hokkaido region, make sure to visit Niseko and Rusutsu!

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