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Netflix's "The Worlds Best Vacation Homes" visited our famous Raku Ichi Restaurant in Niseko!

Netflix series 'Gourmet Stays' came to Niseko and stopped by our own Raku Ichi Soba to experience Tatsuru Rai genius in action & they were not disappointed!

Watch here the sheer joy & love of Megan, Jo & Luis whilst eating at Raku Ichi and the standing ovation they gave Tatsuru Rai at the end!!

"He starts with 100 per cent local buckwheat- a grain stubborn enough that most soba masters cut their dough with wheat flour to make it easier to work with. Once the water is added and the dough shaped into a smooth, seamless ball, he works it with a wooden dowel, using his forearms and his palms to make the mass thinner and thinner. With each pass of the dowel, he pats the dough with his right hand, a quick, seamless motion that acts as a metronome for the elaborate rolling process. The thud of the dowel, the slap of the hand, the rustle of the buckwheat against the board: it starts soft, grows louder and faster, the building of a great jazz performance."

They were also expertly hosted by Seasons Niseko, the world-famous 5-bedroom luxury ski-in chalet featuring its own Michelin starred chef, sweeping mountain views, stunning entertainment spaces, a tranquil indoor/outdoor Japanese spa bath, and world-class art and interior design.

Episode 6: “Gourmet Stays” featuring Seasons Niseko and our own Raku Ichi Soba


Megan Batoon - design

Jo Franco - travel

Luis D Otez - real estate

To watch the whole series go to this Netflix link below

Raku Ichi Soba

Restaurant -

Residences -

Seasons Niseko -

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JNW Properties are real estate experts based in Hong Kong. We are a marketing engine for our own personal projects in Asia.

Currently selling luxury chalets & apartments in Niseko, Japan and shortly we will have Koh Samui, Thailand to add to our growing developments & resort projects.

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