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JNW Properties and Snowdog Village's Commitment to Community, Environment, and Animal Welfare

At JNW Properties and Snowdog Village, we are committed to positively impacting our community, environment, and animal welfare. That's why we're proud to support our co-founder Jo Lodder in his Run for Freedom 5 trails in 5 days challenge, which aims to raise awareness and funds for these important causes - check out his article in the SCMP (South China Morning Post) here

As a company, we recognize the importance of giving back to our community, protecting the environment, and promoting animal welfare. Jo's challenge is an embodiment of these values, as he takes on an incredible feat to support disabled individuals and abused animals in Hong Kong.

Jo's challenge involves running 388km over Hong Kong's biggest mountains with D+19,500m in just 5 days, all while raising awareness and funds for two worthy causes. Firstly, he's raising funds to repair broken electric wheelchairs that are essential for disabled individuals who are unable to leave their homes and see the outside world. These wheelchairs provide a sense of independence and freedom to individuals who otherwise would be stuck at home. Secondly, Jo is raising awareness for animal welfare, highlighting the plight of abused and abandoned animals in Hong Kong.

At JNW Properties and Snowdog Village, we strongly believe in supporting these causes and making a positive impact on our community. Jo's challenge is a perfect reflection of our company ethos and values, and we're honoured to support her in this important endeavour.

We encourage our readers to join us in supporting Jo's challenge by following him on Facebook here or through the live tracker at Donations to support the cause can be made through the donations page linked on the tracking page.

Join the Facebook Run for Freedom event page for the latest updates. D not worry you do not have to join just say you are going and you will then receive the latest updates, pictures and progress as Jo takes on each trail over the 5 days.

Together, we can make a difference in our community and support important causes such as disabled individuals and abused animals. Thank you for your support.

Run for Freedom page links

Jo Lodder challenge page:

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