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Japan Has Reopened for Tourism!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Here's What to Know for Your Next Visit, from Visa Requirements to New Hotels with Conde Nast Traveler!

The moment the world has been waiting for has finally arrived: After more than two years of border closures, last month Japan reopened to tourists from 98 countries, including the United States. But it's not all good news: Travelers from the U.S. now require a visa to enter; meaning you’ll need to make an appointment at the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate, or apply by mail if you want to visit (the government is limiting daily visitor entries to 20,000 due to the pandemic). Currently, all foreign tourists coming to Japan must also obtain private insurance that covers medical expenses related to COVID-19, travels as part of an organized tour group run by a recognized operator, and wear a mask indoors and while on public transportation. Though it’s unclear when the restrictions will be fully lifted, travel experts predict further easing in the coming months.


Japan’s ski haven and northernmost island, Hokkaido has been trending as an off-the-beaten-track destination for the past five years. But recent developments are turning it into a hub for luxury travel: Most of the ski resorts are concentrated around Niseko, which encompasses six areas surrounding towering Mount Yotei with branded hotels such as Park Hyatt Niseko in Hanazono, and Ritz Carlton and Hilton Niseko in Niseko Village where our boutique hotel is SnowDog Village

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James Dablo
James Dablo
28 de jul. de 2022

I'm impressed with the approach you're taking with your articles and the effort you've put in to get this. You really went above and beyond with your ideas. You are performing admirably in your role and responsibilities. Continue your excellent work. Hope me my family can travel to Japan soon.

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