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50km Bike, Hike & Kayak for STOP trafficking of people!

A short video of the 58km route!

The challenge was to bike, hike, and kayak our way around Lantau Island to achieve a combined total of 50k. The Mountain Bike section designed to take in the tough hilly trails and the hike to bag its highest peak @ 934m, the kayak to head out into the South China Sea from Silvermine Beach.

Due to adverse weather conditions in the run-up to and on the day of the event meant the meticulously planned routes had to be ditched and adapted on the fly. This kicked things out a little, the bike which was scheduled to be no more than 30k, topped out at 35.7K, the hike planned to be 15K finished at 22.9k, we got farther and farther behind schedule, and with the weather forcing us to seek shelter on the route the event was turning into a bit of an epic.

When we finally arrived at the beach to tackle the kayak section it was already dark, the Kayaking plans had to be shelved but with the combined event total already at 58km, we agreed that the goal had been achieved. With the more than enticing smell of the food and the knowing that the fabulous support group had cold beers on hand, we decided that the job was done, a full 12 hours after the start from the same point.

Mission completed, a little note though that must be mentioned, a certain incident did make this a dramatically tougher event for own Managing Partner Jo Lodder who, at the 18K mark decided to depart dramatically and rather suddenly from the mountain bike trail, disappearing down the side of a very steep section sustaining some major bruising and cuts. Patched up and replaced in the saddle Jo rode on in substantial pain to complete the challenge. After finishing photos were done and beers drank, Jo was clearly in a lot of pain so it was decided to dispatch him off to A&E where sure enough a broken collar bone was declared and 8 stitches administered to the cut on his chin.

We have made a whopping 30k HKD on behalf of STOP trafficking of people and would like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way.

If anyone would like to contribute to the chosen charity STOP Please go to:

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