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The Running Man - our own Founding Partner Jo Lodder - Life on Lantau, Hong Kong

JNW Founding Partner Jo Lodder has somehow found time to run across Hong Kong, commit to three charities, and throw Lantau’s best Block Parties. What was your Covid project?

COVID weight aside, most of us did some degree of soul searching in 2020, and on the cusp of 50, Jo was no different. He’d taken up hiking prior to that, and on a walk one day, his mind started wandering to the future, to how JNW would weather the storm, and how he would keep himself motivated.

JNW Properties Asia is a property marketing and sales company specialising in holiday destinations like Koh Samui and Niseko helping The Environment, Animals and the Community!

Read here the story of our own Jo Lodder in Life on Lantau magazine and find out how he has helped The Environment, Animals and the Community through running!

I was running along the trails on Lantau with Hong Kong high-rise towers in the background!

JNW ASIA is a property marketing and sales company supporting our own projects in Niseko, Japan, and Koh Samui in Thailand.

We build and manage properties in places we know and love. That way we can offer the most beautiful locations and the best ways to make the most of them. We’ve done our job if you come to love these places as we do.

We also offer our expertise to those needing help with managing land and property of their own.

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