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The Japan Times & Hokkaido Shimbun Reports Snow Dog Village

The lovely folks at The Japan Times, Hokkaido Shimbun wanted to interview us to get to know us a little better. This is what they had to say.

"Snowdog village (Mt. Mountain 19) is one of the few pet-friendly condos in Niseko. The President of Nishi Azabu Investment based in Tokyo, Nicolas Pulinx, commented that he would like “everyone to enjoy Niseko.”

The condominium is divided into 2 buildings, with a total floor space of 600 square metres. They are 3 stories high and only 5 minutes walk from the ski resort of Niseko village. In total, the condos house 26 rooms, with each rooms ranging from 23 to 90 square metres. The prices vary between 20 million to 85 million yen. If buyers wish to rent out their accommodation when they are not there, SnowDog village makes this easy for them. With rentals prices starting from around 18,000 yen per room, per night.

Mr. Pulinx is an investor living in Hong Kong and as an avid skier, visits Niseko frequently. Seven years ago, he was refused a stay at a hotel when he wanted to bring his dog with him. That spurred him to build his own condos. He said, “If so, I will build it myself.”

In February, SnowDog village is mainly filled with visitors from Asia. Pulinx stated that “Hong Kong’s wealthy people like dogs, there are certain demands.” As such, there has been a big market for Pulinx’s dog-friendly accommodation.

For dogs owners, SnowDogs plan to start to selling original snacks and a special dog run on the property in the future. "

For further inquiries or to make a reservation head to our contact page.

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