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SnowDog Village summer activities and events

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

It's a dogs life at SnowDog Village in Niseko - Dine at Upashi Seta and then SUP along the Shiribetsu River and then a stay at Snowdog Village Niseko with Vacation Niseko followed up with home dining by Niseko Gourmet in your beautiful self-contained apartment that is dog-friendly 🤤!

These are just some of the ways we have been attracting the local domestic market to stay with us by differentiating ourselves from the rest of the hotel market in Niseko. Although it has been tough with managing this through covid we have seen a continued rise of guests staying at SnowDog Village and we are slowly getting a great reputation for domestic summer residences to add to the five star ratings we received from our international winter guests as well. Below are some of the initiatives we have implemented for this summer and autumn.

  • Hokkaido Style Glamping BBQ by Upashi Seta - this has become extremely popular

  • Dog-friendly activities such as rafting, SUP, hiking, gondola ride, etc. actively promoted with local service providers - we are the only hotel to be offering these services!

  • Dog-friendly map of key places in Niseko updated and distributed on arrival and at our restaurants.

  • Open House to attract next summer long stayers scheduled in August - come and spend an amazing month or more in Niseko

  • Outdoor Dog Photography event with Tomohiro Nakamichi scheduled in September

  • Animal Chiropractic event scheduled in September

  • Cross marketing initiatives with key dog facilities (cafes, dog parks, etc.) in Sapporo established.

  • Dog-influencer stay coordinated in partnership with Niseko Promotion Board who is actively promoting pet-friendly travel in Niseko from this summer.

  • New wooden signs installed for better direction to SnowDog Village and exposure on SNS


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Upcoming Events

Open house invite

Upashi Seta - Hokkaido style dog-friendly BBQ

Out door dog photography by Tomohiro Nakamichi

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