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Niseko- For Mountain Lovers, Skiers & Investors Alike

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.-John Muir

Niseko For All

Never a truer word was spoken by the great mountain lover John Muir, this quote epitomises what it's like to spend time in the mountains in Niseko. Niseko is seeing a skiing, investment and cultural revolution and never have there been a more exciting time to get involved with an area. Investors from all over the world are falling over themselves to make their mark on this town but through the buzz, how does one find a little home or investment opportunity that's right for you? That's where Snow Dog Village comes in.

Why is Niseko so sensational?

Skiing in Niseko

Before we get into the details, the most important factor in all of the conversation around innovation in Niseko, the route cause is skiing, the mountains and that famous Japow!

Why is Niseko so sensational?

Niseko has perfect maritime conditions that make for the lightest and driest powder you have ever skied. In the science world its know as the "ocean-effect". In early winter, freezing cold air is blown up from Siberia's frigid plains, absorbing moisture from the Japanese ocean and then depositing on Hokkaido's volcanoes. Pair that with the bitterly cold January air and the optimal western location of Niseko, the results of which are storm after storm to create one of the most snow-sure resorts on the globe.

These conditions have been beckoning extreme skiers for years but now we see families, luxury skiing lovers and property tycoons noticing Niseko for the other elements that make it special like the food, culture and those wonderful onsens. (Who doesn't want a nice hot soak after a long day on the hill?)

Introducing Snow Dog Village

The Original Snowdogs

For all these reasons, Nicolas, William and Jo embarked upon the Snow Dog Village project. To create chalet-style apartments that combine a little alpine charm, mixed with Japanese architectural design with an ode to the incredible landscape. The apartment offers a down to earth, homely and friendly place to rest one's head, whether that be for the Winter, as an investment or simply to enjoy from time to time. The apartments come with all the mod-cons as well as being beautifully positioned looking out to the unspoiled forest with ski slopes views as well. The apartments are available to rent and buy, not to mention the extremely exciting plans, they have up their ski jacket sleeves for the complex but it's top-secret, you will have to follow us on social media to hear more.

What Does Snow Dog Village Offer

SnowDog Village Building C

There are so many benefits for buying a Snow Dog Village apartment. Shrouded in a quiet, picturesque forest and situated mere steps from the Niseko Village resort base, Snow Dog Village offers investors rapid access to Niseko’s quietest ski slopes whilst remaining only a short 10-minute drive to the renowned, delicious restaurants, super apres ski and the nightlife of Hirafu.

Enjoy Your Snow Dog Apartment For Years To Come

Interior SnowDog Village

Okay, so now we know why Niseko became known as such a beautiful spot and how perfectly Snow Dog Village compliments the landscape but why to buy property in Niseko. Did you know that Niseko is a four-season, year-round destination? Just as naturally stunning in Summer as in the mind-blowingly wonderful winters. Its no wonder why prestigious hotel groups have noticed Niseko for the unmissable investment opportunity it is. It won't be long before Niseko is recognised as the same calibre as St Moritz, Verbier, Coucheval of Asia for its investment potential, comfort and luxury.

A Skiers Paradise

Skiing In Niseko

Have we piqued your interest? Peak as in mountain peak as opposed to Pique, okay forgive the terrible pun! If so, one need only head to the website or head to our rental website and find out about how you can snap up a SnowDog Village Apartment now; Which will be a lovely process, as in the meantime you can enjoy the world-class skiing and snow quality, gorgeous Japanese food with world cuisines influences, spas, year-round entertainment and outdoor pursuits, basically anything your heart desires. May the snowfall thick and fast for you this Winter!

This article originally appeared in the Ski Japan Magazine written by our very own marketing manager Angelica.


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