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Joy of Japan in partnership with Macey & Sons

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

SnowDog Village, Niseko joined Macey & Sons for an evening of post-war Gutai masters art, some fine Japanese whiskey tasting and a presentation by our Founding Partner, Jo Lodder on SnowDog Village and the investment opportunities in Niseko - now really is a brilliant time to buy your dream ski holiday home, especially with the week YEN (you get soo much more for your buck at the moment) - prices now start at just US$ 429,995 (a year ago the price was US$ 525,000) - so just with the exchange rate you have saved nearly US$ 100,000!

We had a great turn out and CEO Jon Macey did a small talk on the fine art that they had hanging in their showroom along with tasting some fantastic Japanese whiskeys, some from Niseko and they all enjoyed Novy's Kitchen food.

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