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Introducing Furano-Niseko's Neighbour in Hokkaido

Furano is undisputedly one of the best powder resorts in Hokkaido. It consists of two distinct zones- Kitanomine and Furano. Together, they have a total of 23 trails. And from off-piste skiing to tree runs, these trails offer an exhilarating skiing experience for skiers and snowboarders. The best part?. . . It's a short drive from Niseko and can be enjoyed as part of your Winter wonderland Hokkaido vacation once you have invested in prime Niseko real estate!

This resort is one of a kind as it comes with world-class, modern amenities such as the 101 passenger ropeway, which presents passengers with an awe-inspiring view of the Daistetsuzan Mountain Range (to enjoy the breathtaking view, you need to reach the summit of the mountain).

The resort doesn’t limit you to ski alone. There are numerous activities that you can enjoy in Furano. For instance, you can take some time off skiing and enjoy sightseeing on its scenic features and get first-hand experience of the rich Japanese culture.

Where is this resort located?

Furano resort is in the central region of Hokkaido, Japan. By road, it’s about 140 kilometres from northeast of Sapporo, and 60 kilometres away from Asahikawa. The distance that separates Furano from the neighbouring Niseko resort is approximately 150 kilometres. However, the road distance is slightly over 200 kilometres. 

Once you land at the New Chitose Airport, you can make your way to Furano using shuttle buses from the airport. The same applies to when you choose to fly to Asahikawa Airport.

 What makes Furano resort more enticing is the sheltered tree runs and its proximity to other resorts, including Tomamu, Kamui, and Asahidake. It is also known to offer backcountry skiing.

One thing that travellers hate is a congested skiing slope. This isn’t a problem that you will encounter in Furano. Though it’s been growing in popularity over the past few years, it is a gem that most people are yet to discover. This means that, away from the skiing adventure, you will relish the tranquillity that it offers.

Besides that, you can sample a wide array of Japanese culinary from the many restaurants spread across the Furano resort. These are reputable eateries that offer both Japanese and international delicacies.

The skiing 

With 23 ski trails, you can expect to have an incredible skiing experience. The slopes come with varying terrains, which make the skiing activities a worthy adventure. They are ideal for beginners, intermediate, and expert skiers. There just seems to be something for everyone.

The slopes are evenly powdered, making it extremely easy to ski. You also get the privilege to indulge in your favourite skiing activities due to the excellent weather conditions around here. 

The resort has state of the art amenities. And as mentioned before, moving from one point to the other is made easy by the local Chuo bus as well as the 101 passenger ropeway. The best bit is that you don’t have to compete for these facilities with other travellers as the resort is not overcrowded. 

One of the best aspects of this resort is that it is pretty peaceful. Lift queues are also not long, and everything seems to unravel in a rather smooth way.

Skiers and snowboarders just can’t seem to get enough of this resort. There are two mountains for your exploration, which come with a spectacular view that will undoubtedly tempt you to take a few photos.

Restaurants and bars

 A skiing resort needs to be much more than just the terrain and powder. You need a lot of energy to spend at the resort and a place to blow the steam off after an action-packed day on the slopes. Furano resort delivers an all-round experience in skiing activities as well as other holidaying aspects.

Your dining needs are met by nice, warm, and cosy restaurants within the resort. Among the must-try restaurants include the Sumiyaki Club Yamadori, which is just a few minutes from the Furano railway station. This is a restaurant that is housed in a building constructed in 1911 and serves popular delicious Japanese specialities such as the Furano Wagyu. Other popular eateries include the Suzuki Fukutaro, Yuiga Doxon, and the Kitchen Farm Tuba's.

There are also plenty of bars that stock high-quality alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages in Furano. If you like a dimly lit peaceful bar, you are undoubtedly going to find one. Also, those who love a vibrant nightlife can find exciting nightclubs with ample space.

Most of the nightlife in Furano is somewhat low key, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a sports bar that offers some exciting activities. At the Bar & Dining Ajito, for example, you can play pool with your friends or catch a live game on TV as you enjoy your drink.

Want to visit a Japanese brewery? They’ve got one in Furano. You can easily find your way to this distillery, and familiarize yourself with some of the local drinks.

 The accommodation in Furano is relatively affordable (it all depends on where you wish to spend your nights). You can choose a high-end apartment or a local motel in a Japanese village, where you are likely to experience more of their culture. 

Most importantly, you shouldn’t worry about communication barriers as most service providers are fluent in English. The menus are also available in English, and you can always call the attendants to elaborate more on various dishes.

It takes careful planning to go on a vacation, and after all the preparations, you can only hope for a memorable experience. Unfortunately, sometimes, it all ends up in disappointments. There are so many things that could go wrong in a resort, ranging from poor amenities to services. Luckily, all this can be avoided. All you need to do is choose your destination carefully. 

If at all, you would like to visit an incredible, world-class skiing resort in Japan, the high chances are that Furano will not only meet but also exceed your expectations. This is a resort that is worth both your hard-earned money and precious time.


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