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Introducing Furano - Niseko's Neighbour In Hokkaido

Are you curious about Niseko’s neighbour in Hokkaido Furano? We wrote this article so that you can learn and understand what this amazing place has to offer. Discover the skiing options in town and other activities and events that would interest you!

Know about the local bars and restaurants that you could choose from after a tiring day of adventure and skiing in the world-famous skiing resort of Furano. Any idea about where the tourism industry of Furano is heading?

Did you know that Furano was formerly known as a summer destination before it turned to be a winter tourist spot? Be thrilled to discover Furano. Have a good read!


Furano is in the center of the Hokkaido region – Japan’s most northern island. It is located 110 kilometers north-east of Sapporo, approximately a two-hour drive. The city of Furano is roughly 230 kilometers from Niseko and would take not more than four hours of travel.

As a notable skiing destination, Furano is known for its quality powder snow. It has become a tourist haven for snow activities. The tourism infrastructure in the city is already in place. Before Furano was known as a winter destination, it was famous for its lavender fields during the summer season.

Furano is receiving almost 30 feet of snow per season. This is way lesser than the other regions in Japan. Fortunately, regular snowstorms provide knee to chest-deep powder bringing more quality and fun to foreign tourists. Because the location of Furano is located at the center, snow powder is light and fluffy which sets the city apart from other skiing destinations.

The local restaurants are supplied with the freshest local goods which will surely be appreciated by the guests. This is due to the agricultural and tourism-based economy of the city. Top-rated infrastructures both for domestic and international tourists are also available to accommodate. Furano takes pride as it is ready to embrace the tourism growth currently happening in this beautiful place.

Photo Credit: All About Furano Facebook Page


Furano is famous for its long groomed runs both for beginners and professional riders. If you like to cruise or want to zoom down, then skiing in Furano is for you! Lifts in Furano are very quick so you need strong legs to endure.

If you are a beginner in skiing, Furano has on-piste runs that pitch up to 34 degrees. For professional skiers, the main ‘thing’ is the very good off-piste terrain and amazing side-country for those who have complete gears and expertise.

Surrounded by Daisetsu-zan National Park of Hokkaido, Furano is indeed a first-class resort. It has hosted the FIS Downhill World Cup 10 times and regularly hosts National and International ski and snowboard events. These include the 2005/2006 Snowboard World Cup. The mountains and the uniqueness of the snow in Furano explain why it has been consistently chosen to host events. Japan’s top skiers choose to train in this place because of its thrilling conditions and mountains.

Photo Credit: All About Furano Facebook Page

Night skiing is also a must in the city of Furano. It is open until 8 pm for both mountains. You can enjoy the views of the area coming to life at night. Guests can ski their way to the doors of nearby bars. And since there are tons of restaurants, bars, activities, and events, you will not run out of things to do after you have set your skiing gears away and enjoy the rest of the night.


Combined eateries of the Furano resort and town could reach up to a hundred. These restaurants are designed to get you to know more about Japanese culture. Restaurants in Furano have their menus in English and picture form. So a little sign language and few Japanese food terms would do if you don’t know the Japanese language yet.

Most of these restaurants offer a variety of Japanese food such as sushi, noodle bars, izakaya snacks, and curries. They also serve little Western food like pizza and pasta. A restaurant named Robarta in Suzuran Dori, an alley with different cute izakayas, offers warm sake called atsukan! When guests order this kind of drink, the staff heat the atsukan on the fire in a kettle and the owner calculates the bills of the customers using an abacus! There is so much about tradition in this restaurant.

The nightlife in Furano is fairly low key, unlike its neighboring towns. Visitors could head to the WhiteRoom Café for a beer. Guests could also visit Ajito log cabin which is next to Pension Furanui in Kitanomine. Here people could watch TV and play pool with a few bevvies. Furano Brewery is also an option for people to enjoy a few drinks and have some chit chats.

If you are a snow lover, then Furano should be in your bucket list. As a world-renowned ski resort, you must try skiing in Furano even you are just a beginner. Trust us. It’s worth it! Japanese food in local restaurants helps foreign visitors to understand more about Japan’s tradition and culture. Furano is seen to have a growing tourism industry in the next few years.

Photo Credit: All About Furano Facebook Page

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