A must read guide to buying property in Niseko, Japan!

Updated: May 3

Buying a property in Japan is pretty straightforward, even for foreigners. Unlike other Asian countries, ownership is freehold for both locals and foreigners alike. Anyone with the money to invest is welcome to their very own prized real estate asset in this economic giant, in fact, Japan is the world's third-biggest economy. This guide is an attempt to make the normally tedious procedure of buying a property in Japan a little more convenient and efficient.

A must-read for any ski or mountain enthusiasts interested in owning their own ski-in apartment your free 10-step guide to buying property in Niseko!

What will you find in the e-book?

  1. Research

  2. Money Issues

  3. Law & language Concerns

  4. Viewing & Comparing Properties

  5. Application to Purchase

  6. Explanation of Important Matters

  7. Purchase Agreement

  8. Review of the Property

  9. Final Payment and Register Property

  10. Handover and Moving In

  11. Message from Jo Lodder Managing Partner

Follow this link to get the full low down on purchasing a property in Japan, and if you are interested in finding out more please do not hesitate to contact us at JNW.

10-steps to buying property in Japan

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