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Place to be and unwind

Koh Samui is an island of so much

Koh Phangan
Though its chief claim to fame in the past has been its hedonic full moon parties, it also offers some fabulous white-sand beaches without noisy crowds of people intent on partying into until sunrise.

The balmy, turquoise waters around the island cry out to be explored and are an obvious way to take in the island’s beauty from the sea. Let off some steam on a jet ski, learn to wakeboard or kitesurf, go day-tripping to other islands, paddle yourself round the coast or join friends on a sunset cruise: there are boats of every size and shape available.

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Snorkelling and diving
If tanning on the beach doesn’t appeal, Samui’s coast also offers a chance to encounter the island’s marine life. The best snorkelling tends to be in remoter, often rocky spots where there’s less disturbance and more nooks and crannies for critters to inhabit. The more serious snorkeller will also definitely want to book a slot on trips out to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan.

Divers, especially learners, can likewise start out on Samui itself before heading further afield to Koh Tao, and to the seamounts and outcrops of Ang Thong National Marine Park that attract a greater array of life. Turtles, rays and barracuda are the most common sightings in these waters, but even whale sharks are known to drop in, especially in the spring and autumn.

Sunrise and sunsets
The cooler ends of the day are a glorious time to be out. It’s the perfect time for exercise or a yoga session, looking out over the sea. If you can’t meditate here, you’ll not manage it anywhere.

Bars and nightlife
Samui has long understood the appeal of a refreshing drink or two and decades of practise have seen the bars diversify to satisfy every thirst. Whether you want a couple of ice-cold brews at a beer shack, a sophisticated sundowner and canapes on an elegant deck with panoramic views, or a late night out shaking your stuff to banging tunes, Samui has the perfect spot.

Photo from Angelica ❄💙✌(1).jpg


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