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Fueling Business Success through Trail Running and Mindful Planning at JNW Properties

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

As a trail runner and a business person, I have come to understand the value of setting challenges and pushing oneself to reach their goals. Through my running experiences, I have developed discipline, perseverance, and a growth mindset that has greatly impacted my personal and professional life. Here are five ways in which setting challenges as a trail runner has benefited me in my business pursuits.

  • Developed discipline and perseverance: Running long distances, especially through challenging terrain, requires a level of discipline and perseverance that can be applied to other areas of life, including business. The act of setting and achieving a running challenge has taught me to be dedicated and committed to seeing things through to completion.

  • Mind-clearing time for reflection and planning: The alone time I spend in the beautiful countryside while trail running is a chance for me to reflect and plan my business. Running has become like a form of meditation, allowing me to clear my mind and focus on what I want to achieve.

  • A growth mindset: Through setting and achieving challenges, I have developed a growth mindset that has helped me embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement. This has been invaluable in my business as it has allowed me to approach obstacles with a positive and solution-focused attitude.

  • Improved focus: When you set a challenge for yourself, it forces you to focus and work towards a specific outcome. This type of focus can translate into success in both your personal and professional life. At JNW Properties, we strive to maintain this focus by constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow.

  • Encouragement of self-reflection and self-improvement: By setting and achieving challenges, you are forced to reflect on your own abilities and identify areas for improvement. This type of self-reflection and self-improvement can be applied to both your personal and professional life, helping you become the best version of yourself.

In conclusion, setting and achieving challenges as a trail runner has been an incredibly valuable experience that has helped me develop key skills and a growth mindset that has translated into success in my business endeavors. I highly encourage others to adopt a similar approach to help them achieve their own personal and professional goals, and find the challenge that works best for them.

Jo Lodder is a former National Hunt Jockey and successful entrepreneur with a passion for both physical fitness and business strategy. With a background in event management and real estate, Jo has lived in France, Spain and now Hong Kong where he is a partner in JNW Properties. His love for property and hospitality led him to market their own properties in Niseko, including Snowdog Village, Snowdog Chalets and Raku Ichi Residences. Jo is always seeking new challenges, including hiking for charity and the upcoming Run for Freedom challenge. He believes in the power of combining passion and purpose to drive success and is eager to share his journey with others.

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